What is the Bigfoot-IT Automated Survey Solution?

The Bigfoot-IT automated survey solution is a web-based offering that allows your business the opportunity to gain insights from your callers immediately after a call has been completed. It can be used to gain valuable feedback from your callers about their overall experience when dialling into your contact centre, or perhaps receive marketing feedback about any of the products/services you offer.

Advantages of the Bigfoot-IT Automated Survey

  • Effortlessly gain insights directly from your callers in order to improve or maintain your existing operation
  • Reporting data is available in order to measure all responses received
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Highly customisable allowing you the ability to change the questions you ask your callers when needed
  • Hyper scalable on demand
  • Proudly South African, designed from the ground up, entirely maintained by Bigfoot-IT
  • Month-to-month solution

The Survey Process

Agents who have been configured to access the automated survey feature will have the opportunity to ask any caller whether they would like to complete a short survey once their call has been concluded. If the caller agrees, the agent will simply need to transfer the call to the designated extension number in order for the process to begin.

The automated survey BOT will take over the process as soon as the call has been transferred meaning the agent is instantly available to receive their next call.
The BOT will ask the caller the configured questions informing the caller to select an answer by pressing the corresponding number on their phone’s keypad. All responses are captured for your analysis at a later stage.

The caller will be informed once the survey has been completed and the call will be terminated, concluding the survey.

Survey Results Data

Each completed survey’s data is captured in order for you to analyse the data received. Date, Caller ID and transfer source are captured so you can identify who the caller was that completed the survey as well as which agent handled that particular call.

The result of each question is captured so that you can measure each agent’s performance individually.

Gain insights from your callers immediately with our Automated Survey Solution.

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