Voice broadcasting allows you to send a recorded message to your subscribers as a direct phone call, getting your message across in minutes, Bigfoot incorporated a way to personalise these messages and make it more likely for the end user to listen to the recording.

An example: “Hello Ms skomerfield you have an outstanding invoice of R5690.98 with Bigfoot-It, please press 1 to speak to an agent or 2 to get a call back. “

Voice broadcast allows for interaction with the recipient of the call through the numeric keypad of their phone based on options described in the message, such as entering a number to choose an option or entering a sequence of numbers belonging to an ID.

Broad Use Cases

Voice broadcasting goes far beyond traditional telemarketing. It can also serve as a messaging tool for:

  • Emergency broadcasts
  • Event reminders
  • Business notifications
  • Debt collection
  • People who are illiterate or visually impaired
  • Fraud alerts
  • Promotions
  • Staff alerts

Call Scheduling

  • Optimise your calling time with voice broadcast scheduling.

This is an overview of the campaigns and the time they are scheduled to start. This is managed by the end user.

This is a display of the amount of leads you have processed at any given time.
The campaign below is completed

The billing information can be seen at any given time during the month, this helps you track the amount of money being spent on the campaigns.

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