Our cloud-based PBX solution is feature-rich, and provides everything you would expect from a modern PBX system. It is hyper-scalable, allowing you to increase or decrease your resources as your business evolves, and our subscription-based pricing model means you only pay for the resources you need, when you need them.

Fast facts:

  • Enables a remote workforce
  • Integrates with any existing system
  • Offers valuable and detailed reporting
  • Gives access to redundant voice architecture
  • Lets you use the device you choose
  • Safely records and stores calls

What ordinary PBX does

  • Enough call diverts to make a phone (and your budget) implode
  • Tricky Ts & Cs that make it impossible to scale
  • Complicated and time-consuming installation
  • Builds a ‘remote workforce’ but actually just relies on never ending and costly call forwarding diversions and soul-destroying hold music
  • Forces staff to eventually use their personal phones in some capacity just to get stuff done
  • Loses important call recordings…if they were recorded at all

What thinking BIG delivers

  • Enables a fully remote, fully secure work-from-anywhere team
  • Full suite of services available to anyone, anywhere, as long as they have Internet
  • Super flexible scalable scope
  • BYOD baby! Choose to use a traditional SIP telephone, or a softphone on your PC, tablet or mobile phone
  • Assists with identifying the cybercrime threats and suggests solutions
  • Uses a Geo-Redundant eco-system, utilising 256-bit encryption and file hashing to provide a forensically verifiable, compliant recording platform

Empower your agents to work freely – at home or the office – while protecting customers. Contact us today.

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