Stuck with systems that can’t tell their back-end from their front? Need a new system that can take your business from meh to amazing? Our developers are uniquely talented people that are obsessed with finding the best way to build your ideal software.

We offer:

  • Using SOLID principles and design patterns developed and adapted over many years, we can build software that is cutting edge, maintainable and extendable in record time.
  • The incorporation of low-code technologies to augment our development process allows us to spend quality time on the components of your software that require “big brain” thinking while handing repetitive and mundane development tasks over to industry-leading code generation engines.
  • This hybrid approach gives us the edge in delivering clean, future-proof code in the least amount of time possible.

What ordinary software dev does

  • Off-the-shelf solutions
  • Generic programming
  • Still uses Edge
  • Doesn’t interrogate the current system and simply builds on it until you are left with a scarily unstable Jenga tower of platforms
  • Builds and bolts: never to return with any support

What thinking BIG delivers

  • Bespoke software development
  • Remote testing and bug fixing
  • Revamping current software into future-proof platforms
  • Access to the latest open-source and enterprise tools and technology
  • Full Stack development services including frontend, backend, database management, integration/open API and all that it takes for a complete development setup.
Technologies we've worked in:

Think BIG and differentiate your operations today.

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