What is the Bigfoot-IT Speech Analytics Solution?

The Bigfoot-IT speech analytics solution is a cloud-based software-as-a-service speech analytics solution that enables organisations to maximise revenue, improve efficiencies and effectiveness and mitigate business risks by analysing speech. It is recorder agnostic and requires no integration with existing platforms to function.

The program is accessible via a web user interface meaning you have access to your information wherever you have an internet connection.



The dashboard can be user configured to show the most useful or most frequently accessed queries or analytics.

Multi-Language Word Clouds

Word clouds are a fast and reliable tool that enables users to immediately recognise specific words that appear most frequently in the recordings being analysed.

Build and Customize Queries & Reports

The query builder and reporting tools provide users with the ability to rapidly build highly flexible and fully customisable queries, results dashboards and saveable and exportable reports.

Use Cases

Automate 100% Call Assessments
Build queries based on your basic QA scorecard questions using the Query Builder. Examples: Approved ‘greetings’ phrases, notification that calls are recorded, RPC checking processes, offer acceptance, FCR checking phrases and call wrap-up phrases. Then start building your Quality Assessment Scorecard by selecting your QA-related queries and then assigning weightings per each query/check.

Identifying “silences” or ‘no-talk’
The solution can identify silences either within the call and agent-customer dialogue or post call when the customer has been disconnected from the conversation. Monitoring in-call silences are strong indicators of agent’s knowledge gaps or system issues. Post call silences will highlight agent ‘shenanigans’, call avoidance or dishonestly exaggerating supposed talk-time.

Monitoring for Compliance
Most contact centre will have a number of mandatory statements, phrases or specific words that agents are trained for and clearly instructed to use in the context of certain call types. For example: Agent instructed to use the exact statement.. “Do you understand that for quality and compliance, all calls are being recorded”. And a compliance requirement for the customer to respond with either the word “Yes” or “Yes, I understand”. Queries can identify ‘compliant’ calls as well as noncompliant calls based on the presence or the absence of these specific words or phrases.

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