Discover the legendary world of Bigfoot-IT and how to become a part of our tribe.
Our Background

We’re about more than customer service

Companies who truly put their clients first don’t say that they do it, they just…do it. Customer centricity is not a differentiator anymore, it’s a basic condition of operating in a consumer-first era.


That’s why being customer-centric isn’t part of our vision, mission, strategy statements or fancy sales documents: our customers are our reason for being, our motivation for operating and our inspiration for innovating. Being customer-centric is our starting point, not our end goal, and every company we work with becomes a part of the Bigfoot-IT tribe. Every software solution we design, every consultation session we conduct and every part of the platform our customers use bring people and technology together in a way that matters and that makes a difference.


If there’s one thing we don’t do, it’s ordinary. So, instead of an ‘About Us’ page that uses boring buzzwords and stock-standard promises, we’re going to introduce ourselves in the same way we work: by showing you the power of THINKING BIG and why we put the legend into legendary.


Sometimes the biggest legends come from the smallest beginnings. Amazon, Disney, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Harley Davidson all started in small garages. Similarly, the legend Bigfoot started as a small article in the Humboldt Times in 1958. To the paper’s surprise, the article fascinated readers, leading to follow-up features, growing interest and similar sightings that gained momentum and solidified itself in the history books.


Great stories create great legends and our story, although it started small, has already grown into something amazing…something that can become a part of YOUR own story. Our business started as a simple idea: providing software dev and other tech services to help businesses adapt to the COVID-19 landscape (and beyond) by transforming the way they work. We consist of a great tribe of people who feel that our clients, suppliers and team members should believe in our business as much as we do in theirs. This simple notion – that we’re all part of the Bigfoot-IT tribe – has grown into a bustling business that is helping our clients take over the world, one project at a time.

We’re about our people and our unique mix of expertise

Very few companies in the country can offer what we do. They either specialise in telephony services and must outsource development work, or they’re software developers who need the guidance of key account managers to understand the specific issues an industry might face. You land up contracting several companies for an almost-infinite number of tasks and just sort of…hope for the best. With us you get all the expertise you need, and more, all under one proverbial roof.

We’re all about creating the bigger picture

Move over two-dimensional insights: data is the new currency king in the business world. Data about how your people work, what your customers want, how they behave and how your processes perform is unique to your business and, best of all, readily available. All companies have multiple data flows and applications that most probably send information to a central point. The trick is putting this data together in a way that is fast, efficient and usable. We help you see the bigger picture without losing sight of the small details.

Thinking beyond goals means thinking BIG

We don’t put goalposts in place. We don’t plot milestones for ourselves and we don’t set targets (don’t tell the sales team we said that). Why? Because in a world where everything can change in a matter of seconds, we are the company that can adapt quickly, move swiftly and continue ahead with a clear picture of what we need to do to keep our clients up and running – no matter what. We aren’t tied down by legacy systems, internal red tape or traditional views that stop us from innovating. We always think bigger than what we currently do so that we can help you achieve more than you ever knew was possible.

Think BIG and differentiate your business today!

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